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5 month Consultancy Contract

Position based in West Africa


Company description 


Ethical Apparel Africa is a sourcing company that provides international apparel brands with ethical, cost competitive and quality manufacturing solutions in West Africa. Our vision is to demonstrate that ethical manufacturing can and should be done at scale, not just associated with luxury or expensive products. Based in Ghana and Benin, EAA has a dynamic team bringing decades of experience from around the world in product development, quality assurance, account management, social impact, operations and finance. 


EAA is working to unlock the tremendous potential of the West Africa apparel industry, supporting African-owned factories to grow exports to the US, UK, and Europe. EAA focuses on developing factories in a lean, sustainable, and ethical way that sets the standard for garment manufacturing in a West African context. We work closely with government and development agencies to develop an ecosystem for industrial growth -- including the launch of a Center of Excellence for local skill development and efforts to catalyze investment in an integrated cotton value chain. By 2023 we aim to create 2,500 worthwhile jobs in the apparel sector in West Africa. This is an exciting time to join EAA. 



We are looking for a technical Expert ready to come to Ghana for 5 months (February - July 2020) to build the capacity of two EAA partner factories.

The Technical Manager will be responsible for the Factories Training and Development to achieve efficiency and quality in bulk production for export enabling their effective growth. 

This includes: 

  • Develop and steadily make progress against a comprehensive technical action plan, ensuring continuous improvement to reach international standards of excellence. This includes training factory management on each element and helping them understand the need for rigorous standard operating procedures.

  • Provide hands-on support to both local and expat factory management during pilot and implementation of technical improvement initiatives and systems development based on Lean principles.

  • Develop factories to understand Lean management principles and embed them into their operating models, in coordination with external Lean training initiatives in place.

  • Assist in creating and sustaining standard operating procedures (SOP’s), quality manuals and training materials for internal EAA team and factories adopting a sustainable and participatory approach

  • Work alongside the factory managers to identify skills gaps and training opportunities for both individuals and the factory as a whole.

  • Work with the factories on product engineering to ensure manufacturing processes are optimized for specific production orders ensuring use of optimal equipment / machinery and streamlined flow to achieve efficiency and meet cost targets.  

  • Ensure all technical information for production is correct, clearly communicated, and well understood by factory management prior to production start-up.

  • Conduct pre-production meetings and provide hands-on support during bulk production to ensure quality requirements are met correctly first time.

  • Ensure all Standard Minute Values are correct and that efficiency is rigorously monitored throughout production. 

  • Work with local factory management to set up balanced production lines and ensure effective in-line/end-line quality checks.

  • Train and develop local management on DHU targets and AQL targets.

  • Ensure all daily quality and production reports are completed correctly and delivered on time.

  • Conduct AQL’s on completed orders and release them for shipment according to EAA requirements.

  • Lead post production meetings with the EAA team and factories to identify successes and learnings.

  • Update the EAA system with all production reports, AQL reporting and post production reviews.

  • Work alongside other trainers in the factory to develop a complimentary training programme that enhances skills and avoids duplication.


Qualifications & Attributes


  • At least 10 years Garment technical and production experience working directly in or with factories.

  • Experience dealing with brands from US / Europe 

  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills

  • Experience in and passion for creating and delivering training programs to build factory skills and capacity from operators to managers.

  • Experience in working with factories to take a product from concept to finished production

  • Experience with Pattern development is preferred but not essential

  • Passion for solving problems and proactive risk mitigation

  • Ability to think critically and identify areas of improvement

  • Ability to work effectively across cultures, experience of working with factories in Africa a plus

  • Evidence of the following characteristics: humble, inspiring, self aware, resilient, adaptable, proactive, persistent, resourceful, able to work under pressure and respect deadlines, strong at building relationships and resolving problems, poised, active listener, fun to work with, and full of integrity 


How to apply 

  • Starting date: ASAP

  • Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis

  • Please send a resume and a specific cover letter for the position to talent@ethicalapparelafrica.com with the reference in the subject line “TECH. TRAIN. CONSULT. 2020”

  • Only completed applications with accurate reference will be considered and only the most qualified candidates shortlisted for interview

For more information: www.ethicalapparelafrica.com