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Partnership is at the heart of what we do. It is essential that the factories we partner with share our people-first mindset, ethical commitment, and vision for creating sustainable employment.


We rigorously assess prospective partners for values alignment, compliance, product capability and capacity. All factories we partner with sign a contract establishing their commitment to work together towards implementing living wages and empowerment programs.


We currently partner with five factories in Ghana and one in Benin, and are continually growing our network.


Maagrace Garments Industries Ltd has been set up as a Model Factory promoting evidence based decisions to foster workers wellbeing and protect the planet.



Maagrace Garment Industries Limited (MGIL) was founded in 2003 by Comfort Owusu-Agyemang with a vision to provide employment and training in rural Ghana.


EAA now co-own MGIL and manage the factory on a daily basis.  MGIL primarily produces both jersey and woven workwear, uniforms, shirts and nightwear for export.

"It has been amazing to see the growth of Maagrace from 50 to over 500 employees in 2 years, creating a model factory supported by USAID and pioneering worker empowerment in Ghana"

Keren Pybus



Alfie Designs was founded in Accra, Ghana over 20 years ago by Afi Nyarko with the vision to employ and equip underprivileged women. It is run by Afi and her daughter Adjo, a mother-daughter team.


Alfie primarily makes uniforms, men’s shirts, and accessories and has exported with EAA to France and the UK.

"We have a great partnership with EAA where they have brought on board technical support, clients and how to operate and run a fashion factory"

Adjo Asare



KAD Manufacturing was founded by Linda Ampah in 2012 with the goal of housing, training, employing and empowering previously homeless women in Accra, Ghana.


KAD primarily produces uniforms, ladies’ fashion, and pet accessories, and has exported with EAA to the US, UK, and Australia.

"Working with EAA through USAID/West Africa Trade and Investment Hub support, KAD Manufacturing Ltd. has received technical support and training leading to capacity building within the factory. There has also been enhancement of management and production systems translating into efficiency"

Linda Ampah

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