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Employer -- GIZ

Position location -- Ghana (West Africa)

Salary band 4 – Professional 4T

Scope of Work

The GIZ public-private-partnership program (develoPPP) was established by the German government (BMZ) as a way to support and foster the involvement of the private sector in developing countries and emerging economies. GIZ is currently launching a public-private partnership program with EAA and Gerber focused on the emerging apparel industry in West Africa, with a focus on Ghana. The primary objective of the program is to strengthen small and medium-sized clothing manufacturers for the export market in order to create qualified and socially responsible employment.

A core aspect of this program involves in-factory Technical Vocational Training to ensure practical learning in industrial settings with a focus on mechanic and preventative maintenance. This training will focus on training local mechanics for the apparel manufacturing industry and upskilling existing mechanics currently working in factories in Ghana. The Ethical Apparel Africa Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to vocational training, will also play a leading role in training design and curriculum development.

Other initiatives under the same develoPPP program include a Pattern Center of Excellence and a Training Centre for middle management training, with a focus on industrial engineering, quality control / assurance, and line supervision.

The Technical Officer for Mechanical Training will be implementing project activities in Ghana. Duties and responsibilities will include, but not limited to the following:


The Mechanic Training Expert/Technical Officer is responsible for the design and delivery of mechanics training.

The Mechanic Training Expert/Technical will be based in Accra, Ghana and will report directly to GIZ, working closely with other experts hired as part of the program, both at GIZ and at the Ethical Apparel Africa Association. This person will also work closely with ATTC to ensure that they are transferring knowledge on how to run this training to local university lecturers.

The technical officer performs the following tasks:


1. Course curriculum development

● Design an assessment to test entry knowledge and understanding of local mechanics from operational factories who are in need of additional training and upskilling including a test entry for new trainee mechanics.

● Develop a modular curriculum for mechanics covering a range of key topics including:

● mechanical assessments (capacities and capabilities) of factories, including identifying gaps in machinery and evaluating state of equipment

● Development of preventative maintenance and inventories system for machinery and accessories

● Development of guides/ folders and other tools necessary for efficient production.

● Set up training for developing profiles for sewing operations.

● Plan course implementation including course times, length of courses, module timing, theoretical versus in-factory practical training balance, using video etc.

● Create trainees performance assessment tools and plan for tests

● Test the training curriculum with GIZ partners (EAA and factories) and improve curriculum and planning based on feedback

● Create and train students how to manage spare parts , including inventory and cost control.


2. Training set-up

● Interrogate needs assessments to ensure that the program plan matches demand from existing factories

● Lead process to administer entry assessments and set balanced ‘class’ of local mechanics to train as a cohort Training implementation

● Lead mechanics training sessions, coordinating input from other trainers and experts as required

● Administer end-of-training assessments and certifications

3. Other duties/additional tasks

● The Technical Officer

● Performs other duties and tasks at the request of management

4. Reporting

● Report on milestones and deliverables directly to GIZ

● Share all learnings around curriculum development and implementation including final materials with GIZ.

● Generate weekly reports to Head Trainer.

Required qualifications, competences and experience

• Proven experience as a mechanic and a trainer (minimum 10 years’ experience in a factory environment. Project

• Experience in machine settings for a variety of products including Denim , Wovens and Knits.

• Excellent knowledge of garment industry machinery available on the international market - specifically knowledge of electronic, mechanical, automatic thread cutting machines in addition to less sophisticated machines. Knowledge of Auto cutting, Auto Spreading machines and Band Knifes is an advantage.

• Experience in creating profiles for sewing machines.

• Proven experience developing curriculum and conducting training and passion for transferring skills locally and developing capacity in people

• Proven successful experience in managing factory equipment maintenance programs

• Proven experience in conducting factory risks and needs assessments and creating action plans to bring factory to excellence

• Excellent leadership and training skills; ability to coach teams and develop individuals


How to apply



  • As applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, kindly send a resume ​and a separate and specific cover letter for this position ​to, using the reference “MECHANIC ADVISOR​ as the subject of your email.

  • Only complete applications with accurate references will be considered and only the most qualified candidates will be shortlisted for interview.

GIZ Ghana is an equal opportunity employer, both men and women are encouraged to apply.

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